Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Seen at Sazan

On Saturday I went out to eat with my parents, and although the food was good a fellow diner was far more memorable:

She was well into her 70s, I think, and very wrinkly. The first time I noticed her was when she uttered this extremely girly, high-pitched scream--her enormous canister of hand wipes had fallen off the top ledge of the sushi counter. The sushi chef pointed out that the top ledge was angled, and with a wrinkly hand decked out with five or six beaded bracelets (all in pearly pinks and whites--they reminded me of my three-year-old cousin's) she placed the hand wipes next to her pink canvas purse.

Throughout the rest of the meal I tried to catch glimpses of the rest of her appearance, occasionally breaking the rules for looking at other people as directed by, you know, decorum. It was well worth it, though (besides, she didn't notice), because I then gleaned that she had a short, straight bob that was styled with "pigtails." By "pigtails" I mean that she took two bundles of hair on either side of her head, each about two centimeters in diameter, and tied them right above her ears. The rest of her hair therefore remained in regular bob form. For the entirety of her meal she wore a straw hat, with its brim lifted at the front and fastened with a bunch of large pink flowers.

Her top was made out of some sort of soft tulle in either an off-white or a very pale pink, and decorated with ribbons in a pale pink. For some reason I think this top was sleeveless, which is problematic in and of itself, but if I remember correctly she also wore a cardigan in an equally nondescript color. Her tiered skirt came down to her ankles and was a pale pink, and to top (bottom?) it all off she wore bright pink flip-flops.

Crazy, right? If only I'd been able to take a picture...

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