Monday, March 1, 2010

Vancouver 2010: Closing Ceremonies

So, it's over. I'm not sure whether that was long or short, but at least I can focus on my own life now. I didn't watch much of the Closing Ceremony because I was in a meeting and on a shuttle for most of it, but some of the pictures posted through news outlets were stunning. Despite the rocky and controversial start to the Olympics, it seemed to really come together midway through, and I think people can get over their dramatic selves after prematurely declaring that these were the "worst Olympics ever."

Joannie Rochette was the flag-bearer for Canada, which was so well-deserved and unfortunate at the same time. (Completely random aside: I'm surprised she plans to compete at Worlds.) Mao Asada was the flag-bearer for Japan, which was also sweet but to me also seemed strangely like a consolation prize. She looked very happy, though, and that was wonderful to see. She used to smile like that while she skated...

No other sightings, figure skating or not. Shaun White must have not been there, because NBC did not cut to him during the whole 15 minutes the TV was on.

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