Thursday, November 25, 2010

Can't Blame the Season for This One

So... Serena Williams just officially withdrew from the 2011 Australian Open. Not only is it a very early withdrawal, it is just the next chapter in an extremely perplexing injury story. She supposedly cuts her foot on glass in a restaurant and needs surgery for it (seriously, what kind of restaurants is she frequenting?), then provides conflicting information about the state of her injury. She's on crutches. She's on high heels at a red-carpet event. She's in a boot. She "pushed too hard" trying to get back into training and re-injured herself. How? Did her stitches split open? What exactly was cut by the glass?

I guess I was one of the skeptics out there when Serena was first injured, but I guess if she's withdrawing from all of these major events (including the WTA Championships), then there must be something serious going on. Why, then, doesn't she release something a little more detailed and forthcoming so that her haters don't have even more reason to hate?

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