Saturday, January 30, 2010

2010 Australian Open: Men

On the men's side, the few things that I noticed were that Novak Djokovic lost a 2-sets-to-1 lead (with a physical complaint, as usual--I believe this time it was the stomach), Roger Federer almost lost to Nikolay Davydenko (that would have made things INTERESTING), and Rafael Nadal retired against Andy Murray with a knee injury, down 2 sets. It seems that this happened at the beginning of the third set and that Murray was actually outplaying Nadal for two sets, which makes for pretty interesting tennis. On the other hand it seems that Nadal's physical problems (actual) keep coming, and everyone is wondering how long his body will last. Changing his style of play is pretty much out of the question at this point in his career and training, and one can only hope that the ATP/WTA comes to its senses soon. This latest injury will have him out for 4 weeks, and it's frustrating to watch. I would really love to see Nadal win the U.S. Open sometime, but before that I just want him back to his agressive, healthy self. But all of this just highlights how special Federer is, who is so light on his feet and evidently almost immune to injury (no jinx, please).

Anyway, tonight (or rather tomorrow morning) is the men's final, and I really want Murray to take it. Logically I think that Federer will probably take this in 4 sets, but Murray has beaten Federer several times before and is also better rested coming in... so I'll say Murray in 4. 5, maybe? I don't know... I don't actually see the upset happening, but anything is possible and one can hope. Murray has to have his Grand Slam breakthrough sometime, right? x(._.)x

Also, speaking of men, I followed a little bit of Shingo Kunieda yesterday. Usually there's one hugely dominant player who sweeps all of the Grand Slams, but last night he was at least tested en route to a three-set win. Wheelchair tennis isn't the most exciting, but it's definitely inspirational and intriguing.

EDIT: Not this time, Murray... not even close. But his tears at the end endear him to me a lot.

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