Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 Australian Open: Days 0 and 1

Yes, it's already that time of year--the Australian Open has begun! The time difference makes matches difficult to follow live, and more often that not I end up waking up to the result of the key matches, but it's all exciting nonetheless.

I just have to mention Day 0 because that was when Hit for Haiti, Roger Federer's brainchild, took place. It's such a simple idea but so well executed, and it seems to have had an amazing turnout in terms of audience, players, and donations. There was something quite unsettling about Jon Wertheim's analysis that 'This is not the "foundation benefit," whereby you pay your buddies an appearance, hold a lavish party and give the "proceeds" to charity.' (sigh), but he's right--this was a purely charitable event. It makes me wonder why the US Nationals, which started this past weekend (see: previous posts), hasn't capitalized on its opportunity to make a mention of Haiti. Perhaps part of the ticket sales to the gala could be contributed... But anyway, I'm not here to judge, or rather I shouldn't when I'm on the East Coast instead of Spokane.

Onto the actual tournament. Maria Sharapova was upset in the first round by Maria Kirilenko, and I'm not sure if I'm surprised by this result or not. It's hard to tell where Sharapova's game stands right now, but I think I expected a little more from her. And as most others have been saying, her dress was a part disaster, if not a full one:

Sorry for the terrible quality.

Evidently she designed it herself. I guess this is another one of those super-hyped outfits that will be used once (or twice) and then never seen again...

Rafael Nadal also won, as did the other top seeds (Dinara Safina, Juan Martin del Potro, Andy Murray, Andy Roddick)--it's also good to see that Ana Ivanovic, now seeded 20(!), won as well. Day 2 is already underway, and it looks like both Serena Williams and Nikolay Davydenko will win, but sadly (although no surprise) Fabrice Santoro is a game away from losing.

My personal favorites have a tendency to lose, but here's to them and to more drama and excitement over the next two weeks~

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