Sunday, January 3, 2010


I've recently been on a Cookpad/cooking binge, with varying degrees of success. Mostly I've stuck to desserts (which started when I began making birthday cakes for Midori a few years ago), although today I tried steamed shrimp dumplings:

The skin came out a little thicker and tougher than it should have, but in general they turned out okay. I guess I need to リヴェンジ this one. Or go back to making sweets. I understand the need to keep practicing, but trying new things seems more fun ☆

Like this Bûche de Noël (Yule Log?), which was a lot of fun, complete with Kosher marshmallows (?) and キノコの山:

A close-up of one end. Isn't it kind of cute? Now imagine the mushrooms doing this:
Yeah, only in Japan.

The leftover chocolate cream from this went into making truffles:

The banana cake I then made deserves only this mention... what a Teflon failure.

But being cheesedog is fun. 次の挑戦は、、、

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