Thursday, October 7, 2010

Awkward Elevator

This past week (and it's not even over yet) has been a series of physical disasters. Monday involved the bottom falling out of a glass bottle containing liquid agar. Tuesday meant that in my attempt to make pumpkin cake I managed to strew half-cooked pumpkin all over my carpet and send my month-old rice cooker into H01 error mode. Wednesday was what I am about to write about now, and Thursday--today--well, I guess I should throw that story in too.

So, yesterday. When I got on the elevator on my way to work, every button between the lobby and the sixth floor has been pushed, probably by some little kid who could reach no higher. Even though I knew this and know how wonderful elevator buttons can be to a child, stopping at each of these floors for nobody and then having to push the Close Door button quickly got both irritating and unnerving, like there should be someone but wasn't. So when someone actually did get on the elevator, I freaked out. And now there is a small Asian man on the third floor who thinks I am terrified of him. Yeah, my life.

Today may have been better. In general the elevators in my apartment are terrible, today was worse than usual as it completely skipped my floor and took me to the 19th. I wasn't paying that much attention because I was running late, so I rushed out and towards my apartment. I inserted my key into my door and tried to open it, and got a little forceful when the key did not turn. At this point I happened to glance up at the door and finally realized that this in fact was not my apartment. I always did want to start my day off with an unintentional attempted break-in.

The elevator at work ignored me too and went back down instead of going all the way up to my floor, which I also didn't notice until it was too late (yeah I'm not sure what's wrong with me), and I guess my irritation sort of scared this guy who had gotten on, because he almost let me hit my button first even though he had swiped his card. Oops.

Tomorrow, my life will be normal. Right.

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