Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thank You, ISU... Finally

The ISU has finally come to its long-overdue senses and announced plans to change the way underrotated jumps are scored. According to the article on Yahoo! JAPAN these discussions have been in the works for a while, but unsurprisingly they held everything off until (2 days after) the Olympics.

While the automatic -3 GOE rule seems to have been lifted this season (I can't seem to find the actual rules anywhere, but this article mentions that a negative GOE is no longer mandated), this new set of rules is supposed to encourage more technical innovation. Instead of automatically scoring an underrotated triple jump as a double, the new set of rules would take a base value somewhere in between the double and triple.

Although this seems to be a step in the right direction, it still remains to be seen whether they will decide to use a more robust method to determine whether something is underrotated. The current use of one camera makes underrotation calls extremely ambiguous, and there will probably be continued controversy over what was underrotated and what was not. It will be interesting to see what happens to skating next...


(時事通信) 2/28 2:33 コメント数:117

 【バンクーバー時事】フィギュアスケートで回転不足とされたジャ ンプの基礎点について、国際スケート連盟(ISU)が来季から「中間点」に相当するルールを導入する見通しであることが26日、分かった。五輪終了を受 け、6月のISU総会での改正に向けた詰めの議論が行われる。
 例えば、バンクーバー五輪女子銀メダリストの浅田真央(中京大)が得意とするトリプルアクセル(3回転半ジャンプ=基礎点8.2点)は、回転不足と判定 されると2回転半の基礎点(3.5点)しか付かない。新ルールが導入されれば、二つの基礎点の間の点数が得られることになる。

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