Thursday, February 4, 2010

Twinkies Are Yellow

That, everyone, is a Twinkie. It is yellow. I am pretty sure that almost everyone in the United States knows this, but Twinkies are yellow. I discovered this about 15 minutes ago after approximately 15 years of misunderstanding. Twinkies do not come in two flavors, vanilla/yellow and chocolate, because the chocolate "version" is actually Yodels/Swiss roll cakes.

I really don't understand how I could have been mislead for so long. I mean, I LIVE in the United States, although it's recently and glaringly come to my attention recently that I might not actually. Twinkies are a staple of American snack food, even if they are 80% chemical, and I even ate a few back in kindergarten. I really should have known this.

Twinkies are yellow.

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