Sunday, February 21, 2010

Vancouver 2010: Cute or Weird?

Of all things to celebrate an Olympic win:

The American admitted exclusively to Yahoo! Sports that he plans to reward himself for his Vancouver exploits with a top-of-the-range Aston Martin DBS sports car, the vehicle of choice for the last two Bond films starring Daniel Craig as Agent 007.

"Aston Martin all the way, baby," Lysacek told [Martin Rogers], rubbing his hands together. "Got to be the DBS. Just like Bond."

While I'm all for Evan buying himself a gift--it's cute that he's worked so hard for this moment and now wants to indulge in it--isn't he a bit old to be playing the equivalent to dress-up? 24 years old, still dreaming of being as cool as James Bond... the combination of an Olympic gold medal with this immaturity kind of makes me laugh. Is it a male thing, or an insular-figure-skating-world thing?

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