Friday, September 24, 2010

10 Things I Cannot Deal With

Sorry, one thing about this blog that I've tried to maintain is to not become self-indulgent, but this week has been a little trying at best and now I need to make a list of the offenders.
  1. Construction that starts at 9 PM. I'm sorry, I know that traffic is heavy and uncompromisable, since ambulances are driving by at all hours of the day, but starting a drilling project at 9 PM is just not okay. Drilling is annoying no matter what time it is, but 9 PM-midnight? I don't think so.
  2. The infernal water dripping outside my window and onto the cooling unit. This started a few days ago and if I actually ever watched horror movies I would be convinced it was someone slowly trying to tap their way into my apartment. But no, it is water dripping from the story above (or maybe higher up and that). It drips and taps all. day. long. Where is this water coming from?! Am I the only person whose apartment is affected? Drip. Tap. Drip.
  3. Heavy traffic that starts at 6:30 AM. Again, I know that ambulances are pretty much uncompromisable and that medical emergencies follow no sort of clock, but it would be much appreciated if I weren't woken up by cars and trucks at least an hour before my alarm clock goes off.
  4. People who invade my dreams. This is no one's fault, I guess, because it's not like anyone can actively enter someone else's dreams (maybe I should watch Inception to get a better feel for this), but for once I would like to wake up not upset. If you have left my life, then you also need to leave my dreams. Or, conversely, if you are going to stay in my dreams, then you need to come back into my life, and properly.
  5. Negative emotions. Apparently "having emotions is part of being a good person." Maybe that's true, but at this point it seems like an awfully poor trade-off. The bad people seem to have quite a lot going for them these days. I could always just stop thinking, but it appears that I can't actually do that.
  6. People who talk too fast and too much.
  7. People who yap loudly in an aurally offensive language next to my desk.
  8. People who do not change their addresses in a timely manner. I do not want your junk mail or your catalogs. I do not want to receive your credit card bills and membership notices. I do not want to be held responsible for your mail. You did not decide to move overnight, so change your damn address.
  9. Incompetence at HR. When I put in a mailing address separate from my permanent home address, it means that all mail should be sent to the mailing address. Therefore, my paychecks should be sent to my mailing address, and not, say, my parents' house in another state.
  10. The government. Let's just say that my tax refund cannot come fast enough.

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