Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 US Open: Day 15?

Despite the extra day of rest that Novak Djokovic luckily got, I'm still not convinced that he's shaken his reputation for being a choker (Djok Choke--god, too easy). He really showed some toughness in overcoming match points against Roger Federer, but he probably doesn't have what it takes to be so tough twice in a row on such a huge stage. I hope, anyway. Plus he was never the fittest of guys... he's probably still tired and will have problems.

Can Djokovic really only have retired from nine matches in his entire career? It seems like a lot more than that. And why would four of those retirements have come in Grand Slams, of all tournaments?

Geez, talk about a short fuse. Djokovic was only broken for 2-3 and already he’s destroyed a racquet. Usually I’m not so offended by racquet-breaking as my mother is (who is unconditionally aghast), but this one seems excessive and premature to me. At least he received a code violation for racquet abuse. Perhaps it’s an indication of Djokovic’s understanding of the limits of his own body… he worked so hard to save all of those break points, and he knows that if he doesn’t keep it close early, the chances of him coming back are fairly slim. After all, despite the cool weather, he already seems to be breathing quite heavily… maybe he shouldn’t spend his breath on grunting. I hope I didn’t just jinx anything for Nadal.

Nadal is 108-1 when winning the first set in Grand Slams? Talk about mental toughness and finding a way to hang on and impose. He also seems to do better in this match when I am not watching.

Djokovic looks surprisingly like his father, I’ve finally noticed. I suppose the proximity of his son’s face to his own, courtesy of his shirt, really helps with the comparison.

Ah yes, Nadal’s “amazing disaster” comment from some time ago. I guess I should look into modifying my own speech patterns, as I’ve definitely said “amazingly bad” and the like in the past, and I am neither the world number 1 at anything nor with the benefit of an endearing foreign accent.

Nadal seems to be making more unforced errors than usual, though I guess it’s not as concerning as it usually might be, seeing as Djokovic’s (ugly) shorts are flapping in the wind.

Wait, except... what the hell is going on with Nadal? Maybe I should stop watching. I still have faith though. And here comes the rain! Great...

The commentators weren't saying anything too interesting, so instead I'm going to quote nadalnews:
# Rafa breaks and my ass feels drier

# My ass is wet, Rafa lost the second set and Nole is on fire.
Well, we all know how that ended, so here are a few pictures to bring it all together:

Good thing ESPN aired that CBS logo.

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