Tuesday, September 7, 2010

2010 US Open: Day 9

I am thanking the powers that be for ESPN live streaming, since the one so widely advertised on the official US Open website does not work on my computer. I am a little less thankful for some of the commentators, such as the ones who were calling the Bryans' doubles match earlier today, but all in all it is good company as I prepare to pack up my life.

The Stanislas Wawrinka vs. Sam Querrey match was epic, and not being particularly invested in the result I didn't have much patience for watching it. I am glad to see that Wawrinka won, though, because I kind of feel he's due for a good result after whatever it was that happened to him between last season and now. Also, if I am going to get ahead of myself and start looking at Rafel Nadal's future rounds, I think that it is probably easier for him to defeat (an exhausted) Wawrinka or Mikhail Youzhny (who has beaten him in the past, I know) than an in-form Querrey. I'm not sure though.

Are these crazy stats or what?

Venus Williams is taking an eon and a half every time she serves against Francesca Schiavone. I don't care about the result of this match either, so watching this is for purely entertainment purposes. Particularly entertaining are some of the really wild misses Venus has been making so far.

By the way, in one word, Venus' dress is trashy. What is up with that back area, paired with an incompletely hidden black bra? That pink is just not a good color for anything except maybe Nastia Liukin's leotard.

I cannot believe Brad Gilbert just said "Verdasco hot sauce." Good thing for Gilbert that he's totally lovable. Actually now that I look into it, it seems that this phrase at least is not a Gilbert original. Hrmm.

I am having trouble watching the Kim Clijsters vs. Sam Stosur match because it seems that Clijsters starts to lose every time I turn on the TV.

Okay, there we go, she won! Now I can rewind the match, thanks to FiOS TV (ugh, I feel like a commercial), and calmly watch the last set and skip commercials at the same time. Perhaps by the time I finish with this, Rafael Nadal vs. Feliciano Lopez will have started, which would be quite perfect timing.

How ironic that an ace should take match point after so many successive breaks that I lost count (or, in the words of Cliff Drysdale, "breaks galore"). Although Clijsters made a mountain of unforced errors in this match, I really liked how she kept her head in the match and never had an actual meltdown. Her match against Venus Williams in the semifinals should be interesting, since it's also always a toss-up as to whether the Venus of her full capabilities will show up. It's no secret that really want Clijsters to get through, but at this point I'm kind of feeling Venus. We'll see.

As much I love Nadal, I kind of feel bad for Lopez right now. Except, actually, not, because he does need to keep losing. Unsurprisingly Nadal is playing at the speed of a three-toed sloth.

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