Saturday, September 11, 2010

2010 US Open: Days 12-13

Why, oh why must the best matches coincide with my unavoidable travel plans, my complete lack of access to a TV, and spotty Internet? I guess it's okay that I was spared having to watch Vera Zvonareva pretty much blow Caroline Wozniacki away, when it was a great chance for Wozniacki to really prove herself and match or even better her previous year's result, but I still would have liked to see it. Sigh. I used to be a moderate Zvonareva supporter before it became clear that she would never truly outgrow her temper tantrums and her teary breakdowns, although I do have to admit that she's kept it together admirably for the last several months.

Things are not quite right in the tennis world now that Roger Federer has lost in the semifinals. I cannot warm to Novak Djokovic no matter how hard I try, and I really would have liked Rafael Nadal to have the chance to prove all of the naysayers wrong and go up against Federer on his favored surface. However, regardless of this semifinal result, I would have really enjoyed just seeing such a long, high-quality match. I mean, come on... "clinics" are amazing but fights are even better. Perhaps this "fight" will make things easier for Nadal tomorrow. Four sets, perhaps? Please, please. The combination of Nadal losing (not only the tournament but his chance at history) and Djokovic winning would just be too much to take.

Why am I rambling so much?

I know some people think that Kim Clijsters' interactions with her daughter Jada on the court comprise a huge publicity stunt, but I really disagree. This picture, in particular, while having all of the trademarks of a photo-op is just too beautiful and emotional to actually be one:

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