Thursday, September 2, 2010

2010 US Open: Day 4

Kei Nishikori certainly has a way of needlessly dramatizing matches. A Jelena Jankovic without the resume (yet), if you will. I saw him start his match before I left the house to do some errands, came home and saw that he was losing even though he had been leading, then had lunch, drove to two doctors' offices, and came home again. I checked the US Open website for the match result and saw... nothing. Instead of the scoreline, there was a link that said "In Progress." How ridiculous, I thought, but indeed he and Marin Cilic were still going at it.

At least he managed to pull it out, showing that he has what it takes to dig deep even if he can be streaky and pays the price of high-risk tennis. お疲れ様!

Fast forward into the night session... I had a very good sense for when to turn on the TV, because even though I was not in the least bit interested in Novak Djokovic vs. Philip Petzschner, the moment I started watching the middle of the first set was quite amazingly interrupted by a fistfight in the stands. Djokovic was totally enthralled by it and I have to admit I sort of really wanted to see, but all ESPN could get was a few security guards in yellow.
"By the way that's not a Mini-Me sitting on the lap of Novak's uncle--Uncle Goran--it looks like he has a small version of Novak in his lap... but no that's just a very weird T-shirt." -Chris Fowler

"No that's Novak's father." -Daren Cahill
It takes a very special type of media professional to be able to focus on the identity of the shirt-wearer like that, rather than on the shirt itself. I wish I could find a picture of the monstrosity.

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