Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Impossibly Unpopular

It was offhandedly brought to my attention late last night that Levi Johnston has been polling at laughably low numbers. According to Public Policy Polling (I finally understand the allure of alliteration now, whoa ;) ), 72% of Alaskans view Levi negatively while only 6% view him positively. 6%! Unbelievable, yet believable. For comparison's sake, the most unpopular person used to be John Edwards, whom 72% of North Carolinians (?) viewed negatively and 15% viewed positively. Well, good job, Levi, because you just cut down on that record to a third.

What accounts for this? Clearly one thing is exposure--he and the Palins both love exposure--because without exposure a public opinion couldn't even form. Another thing, I suppose, is the role he has played, or rather has not played, in Bristol Palin's life. I almost always disagree with the reasoning that "'he' got 'her' pregnant," as if more fault and responsibility lies with the male, but Levi has really failed here. Maybe it is what is in everybody's best interest, given the state of his relationships with the Palins, but it is easy to see how he would be viewed as an irresponsible, absentee father who is unable to make two engagements actually come to something.

Personally, what annoys me most is that Levi is running for Mayor of Wasilla. Actually, does it annoy me or amuse me? I mean, how much failure can one city handle?

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