Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2010 US Open: Day 10

The problem with watching a Vera Zvonareva match is that you never know when she'll suddenly decide to have a meltdown. I thought there were a few danger moments during her match against Kaia Kanepi, but thankfully she kept it together long enough to play through the wind and win in straight sets. Not an entertaining match, though. I guess that's what Gael Monfils vs. Novak Djokovic is for, even if I don't actually really like either of them.

The best part was probably when Brad Gilbert (inexplicably) told Zvonareva to get her manager a new pair of sunglasses. Speaking of her camp, where was that hot guy/coach in her box?

Ooh, Rafael Nadal is up in the press box. I can't believe I missed the beginning of this. His slightly changed grip as an explanation of his improved serve is way beyond me--I mean I understand how important the grip and wrist are, but a slight shift resulting in over 10 mph? Gotta love that he made this change a few days before the US Open, of all times. No one is paying attention to the match as Chris Fowler and Brad Gilbert continue talking to Nadal, through the points, and a successful challenge by Monfils gets only a "It was the correct call" from Fowler (which I think is wrong too...). I'm surprised by how distracting I find their conversation, especially considering that I'm not even invested in watching the match. I'm so glad regular commentator etiquette is what it is.

Nadal insists that Wimbledon is the fastest still, despite critical reports that the courts there have been slowed down considerably in the past years. Hrm...

Apparently it is very windy today for about the tenth day in a row. ESPN can digitally map the direction of the wind, but maybe sometimes traditional is best.

Oh hey there, Daren Cahill

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