Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2010 US Open: Day 10 (Night)

The wind continues into the Caroline Wozniacki vs. Dominika Cibulkova match, so much so that the match is taking ages and ages because no one can get their ball toss right. Pam Shriver is in odd form tonight, making awkward, rambling comments left and right. She harped on Wozniacki's ponytail for much of the first half of the match--her hair wasn't braided and it was blowing all over her face--and while Pam had a point, "hair" unfortunately became a major theme of the commentary. We saw a clip featuring her hairstyle from her playing days... heard a comment about how she has more hair than Daren Cahill... and even moved to Donald Trump, who was sitting in Wozniacki's box. His hair, incidentally, was not blowing anywhere.
"There's some product in there... he had a plan tonight." -Chris Fowler
Pam then forgot (forgot?) that Donald Trump's show is called The Apprentice. Umm. She also had a near freakout in the commentators' box about she hates the sound of wind blowing through the microphone.

Cibulkova is also having near meltdowns on the court, looking rather grumpy, smacking her racquet on the ground, and swinging practice groundstrokes between points and games. On a side note, why do commentators keep calling her 5'1 instead of 5'3?

Anyway, it wasn't particularly pretty, but Wozniacki got the job done 6-2, 7-5. Steady as anything, she is. I will be quite disappointed and surprised if she does not make it to the final. The consistency of her game should be just enough to drive Vera Zvonareva mad.

For some reason Wozniacki turned bright red in the post-match studio interview when they started talking about Donald Trump, maybe because she said that Donald Trump called her agent (instead of his agent calling her agent). Seems like a minor detail to me, but haha. Everyone also keeps trying to shift her focus on winning the whole tournament (which is still two matches away) and becoming No. 1, both of which seem like unnecessary distractions if you subscribe to the Rafael Nadal school of thought.

I'm not really getting the upset vibe from Robin Soderling tonight.

Ugh. Why did ESPN just advertise the Rafael Nadal vs. Fernando Verdasco match as "Nadal seeking first US Open final"?

Federer is really playing unbelievably in these conditions. He just zoomed through the first two sets, and John and Patrick McEnroe have (reasonably) assumed that he is going to win. So instead of focusing really on the shots themselves, they've decided to see how fast this match can end. ESPN put up a timer--which is usually reserved for unusually long games--to see whether Federer could serve out the second set in under a minute. Somewhere around the 50-second mark, both McEnroes started urging "Quick, quick!" Hahaha.

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