Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weird Encounters Are Genetic

So for whatever reason, I tend to have a lot of weird, random encounters with strangers or near-strangers. Take, for example, almost every job interview I've ever had. In the interest of not damaging any professional potential I might have, I'll leave those out for now. I also met a strange man who told me about his Korean lady companion who was suffering from stomach cancer that was quite obviously caused by MSG. Oh, and by the way, he writes a lot of poems, so I should stop by his place of work someday and pick up a volume. I suppose that is a story I could get into if I ever feel so inclined.

Anyway, I wasn't sure if these kinds of things happen to everyone, but now at least I know they also happen to my mother (even if it's just once):
Taxi Driver: Where are you from?
Mother: Japan.
Taxi Driver: Ah. I'm from Suriname. So do you play the piano?
Mother: No... but my children do.
Taxi Driver: Ah. All Japanese people play the piano. I know this because my girlfriend is Japanese. We see each other once a year! But soon we will get married.

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