Friday, August 20, 2010

Little League vs. ATP, Round 2

So tonight I turned on ESPN to again discover that live coverage of the Little League World Series had once again usurped professional tennis. This time I wasn't quite as offended as I was when it was the Dakotas vs. Missouri, because it was Japan vs. Mexico and I realized I had no interest in watching the match that was supposed to be on (Nadal vs. Baghdatis) because Nadal lost anyway, but really? A Little League game between two foreign countries gets live coverage, but Nadal is relegated to tape-delay delayed by half an hour?

Anyway, since there was this awkward 15-minute interval before any decent show came on and I sort of wanted to see some of Nadal (NB: I wanted to watch something as I ran, I wasn't just aimlessly channel surfing), I ended up watching the game until it ended. Mercifully, Little League games only go 6 innings. Thank god. It was sort of worth it, though, because Japan made a dramatic comeback in the last inning, and I got to see the cutest smile ever from this kid after he hit a three-run home run:

That's right, Ginga Maruoka (丸岡ぎんが--how do you write that anyway? The only thing I can think of is 「銀河鉄道の夜」, and that is one awful book I never finished.) is adorable. This picture doesn't quite do his smile justice, and I do feel bad for the Mexican kid in the back, but seriously. That face is pure joy.

I'm still against this being aired at all, though. Who cares?

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